Women in Tech: By The Numbers


40% of Fortune 15 company CEOs are female. Tech startups led by women in the U.S. has doubled.

But only 7 of the 100 richest tech billionaires are female, only 18% of London tech startups are created by women and just 4.2% of U.S. venture capitalists are female.

The cities with the largest number of Tech stratups founded by women:

  1. Chicago – 30%
  2. Boston – 29%
  3. Silicon Valley – 24%
  4. Los Angeles & Monteal- 22%
  5. Paris – 21%

In the 8 largest tech companies, female positions are growing 238% faster than male, namely: Ebay, Apple, LinkedIn, Google, Microscoft, Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter.What’s more, 6 of Fortune 15 companies have female CEOs including, AT&T, Ford, Walmart, McKesson, United Health Group and Valero. (Data provided by Coupofly.com)

To retain women in these prominent positions, it takes an investment in true career development. In my 18 year career, I have yet to work in a position where I was properly mentored, had access to networking opportunities and able to create flexible hours. Personal development was encouraged in some workplaces but not in others.

Last week, I was gratiated to see further Women In Tech awareness. An article from TheNextWeb states:

“More women in tech and business means more than just job opportunities for women, but their presence in the arena will foster more diverse and holistic innovation.” 

The piece mentions 100 leading women in technology and business who have a voice and a presence in the industry which means bringing a greatest catalyst for change. I’m proud to be among them and will continue to be a strong voice in this arena.

Will you join me?